Flaar 26RR

Hull form is the same as the normal Flaar 26. And we already listed all similarities. The boat is built using the most high-tech technologies using carbon prepreg sandwich structure with Nomex honeycomb core. This way the weight can be kept as low as possible. (areal weight reduction is ca. 40% in comparison to Flaar 26!).

Flaar 26RR


Hi-Tech materials

The hull is made of prepreg-nomex honeycomb sandwich, thus we achieved a 40% areal weight reduction compared to the Flaar 26

Tilt keel

The boat is equipped with a tilt keel which can move between +/-50°, that makes possible the use of a bigger rig even in strong winds.

DSS (Dynamic Stability System)

The DSS is a foil which can be stuck out from the side of the hull and makes an additional lifting force so in strong wind the boat can “fly” on the foil.

Solo sailing

The Flaar 26 RR is especially designed for solo sailing. The front deck cradle-like design is intended to serve the easy sail changes, while the deck hardware on the back is made for the simple handling.


Length overall (LOA) 8 m
Length of waterline (LWL) 7,95 m
Max beam (B) 2,82 m
Draft 2 m
Displacement (DSPL) 900 kg
Keel 485 kg, tilting +/- 50°
Mainsail 34 m2
Jib 20 m2
Asymmetrical spinnaker 115 m2
Mast length 12,5 m
Race crew 1-3